07 June, 2010

In love with European film

A quick update on European film festivals in South America.

It’s nice to observe how initiatives regarding film exchange grow between Europe and countries like Peru, Colombia and Venezuela, which historically are not so close to the Old World in terms of day-to-day culture as Brazil and Argentina, for example.

This way, the cultural bonds get tighter and films travel, getting cinema to perform its best ability: tease people intellectually and emotionally about things going on in the world – the whole wide world.

Jewish Film Festival – Caracas 2010

Even talking about a theme that is not exclusively Europe-related, this festival gathers a lot of European films about the Jewish culture. Goethe Institut in Caracas, by the way, is behind this initiative, which is showing over 15 titles until the 13th of June in the Venezuelan main city. The festival’s first edition happened in 2007 (this is the 3rd) and, as the organization tells, the event has great interest from the public since then. Some parallel talking sessions about the movies, as well as courses, also take place within the festival. “Unter bauern – Retter in der Nacht” (Luidi Boken), from Germany, and “Le chant des Mariées”, from France, are two highlights in the program.

Varilux French Film Festival

It’s happening since the 2nd of June in nine Brazilian cities, starting with Sao Paulo. Since Brazil and France agreed on creating the “Brazilian year in France” (2007) and the “French year in Brazil” (2009), both countries became closer than never. A list of 10 contemporary films, including the champion of the French box offices lately “Oceáns” (Jacques Perrin) and “Un prophète” (Jacques Audiard), which won 9 Cesar awards this year. It’s interesting to remark that French film festivals in Brazil always get great public, and so is doing this one that lasts until the 10th of June. Get the whole program here.