07 August, 2008

Europe on South American big screens

Despite the Hollywood dominance in most of South America’s movie theaters, it’s no deceit to say there is an important presence of the European cinema around here, especially in capitals like Sao Paulo, in Brazil, Buenos Aires, in Argentina, Santiago, in Chile, and Bogotá, in Colombia – just to leave here a few examples.

Actually, the more South Americans get in contact with films made in Europe, the more they want to see it. That is, maybe, because movie directors and spectators here and there have a lot in common, starting with their preference for a “slower” kind of cinema. A more human kind, mostly, if we could say so.

This blog was (just) born to talk about European movie presence in South America. Festivals, events, public, discussions, similarities, differences or whatever relates Europe to South America in the big screen.

Living between Brazil and Colombia, I, personally, get to see a lot of initiatives aiming to divulge specially French, German and Spanish movies – and also lots of people in search of those movies. Those are, actually, great news.

Nothing actually against Hollywood, but it’s already time South America really opens its eyes and movie theaters to Europe. And, just for the record, “ojalá”* South American cinema can conquer the same in the old continent.

Before getting started, one last thing: please participate! Feel free to leave suggestions, comments or whatever you have to say.

Adelante ;-)

Camila Moraes

* “Ojalá”: very South American Spanish meaning “hopefully”.

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