28 November, 2008

European movie in Bolivia

The European cinema travels a lot around the world, but, regarding South America, one could say its presence is permanent in film festivals and special movie library programs. Sometimes not enough talked about, but certainly most of the time gathering an important public.

For those who are in Bolivia during these days – Bolivian or not –, the tip to follow is the 9th edition of the European Film Festival, which started on the 13th of November in La Paz and will be ended on the 7th of December in Sucre. In the total, four cities (La Paz, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and Sucre) were selected to host 22 movies from 9 European countries.

The theme this year is cultural diversity, and the titles selected follow the idea of Europe as a “single flight of many bees”, in the words of the Spanish writer Ortega y Gasset about the old continent. Comedies, social and psychological dramas, thrillers, adventures and animations from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Holand, Italy and Switzerland will thus be available for Bolivians.

The European Film Festival is organized by the European Union, with collaboration of all embassies involved. For those interested, more information can be found here.

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